Enhance every room with staple pieces like Accent Pillows. Decorative pillows can make your living space feel personal, cozy and serene. You can make any room pop by adding color, texture, patterns, quotes and even family photos to a throw pillow. There are endless options! Here are some tips on how to create YOUR vibe.

Creating a Unique Space Using Decorative Pillows

Decor is essential in creating the space of your dreams. Custom pillows can add more color, texture and personality to every room.

Creating a casual and comfortable ambiance

Try placing over-sized pillows on the floor to create a cozy hang out space. You can put prop them up near a window or against a wall to create a reading nook. Neutral colors and soft prints can create that comforting, homey feeling.


Creating Symmetry

If you are the type that like things in order and a sense of organization, try overlapping your pillows in a line on your bed or sofa. If your arranging pillows on a couch, angle them in towards the center on each side. Place a pillow in the middle, straight facing. Try a mixture of solid and neutrals for some pillows, and fun colorful patterns for the rest!

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Colorful and Luxurious Decor

Custom pillows with bright patterns can be the perfect accessory to a room with neutral paint and furniture. A couple bright patterns can really make a difference in brightening up a neutral space.


Organized Chaos

Dress up a neutral couch with ALL the patterns and colors! Make it your living space fun and bright with polka dots, stripes, pineapples and quotes all on one sofa!


No matter what your vibe is, customizing your throw pillows allows you to be in charge of the decor in your living space. Get creative and start designing today!