Many of us have had a lot more time at home lately and for some, that’s meant realizing our homes are in need of some serious redecorating. Trying to figure out how to decorate a space that’s looked the same for a while can be overwhelming and quickly become costly. We’re here to give you some easy tips to freshen up any room without breaking the bank or your back! Whether its designing custom wall art or a simple trick, there’s something for everyone’s decorating needs.

1. Utilize Mirrors

Sun Mirror Custom Wall Art

Mirrors are a great way to brighten any room because they reflect light coming in from outside. This is especially good for trying to optimize a small space because the added dimensions can make the room feel bigger. Make sure to hang them perpendicular to your windows so they don’t just reflect the light back out. If you’re already ahead of us on this step– try repainting your old frames to better match the color scheme of the room! Dark colors like black and grey can balance out a neutral colored room, while brighter colors can pop on a wall as a fun accent.

Photo Source: K Sarah Designs

2. Raise Your Drapes

High Hanging Curtains with Custom Wall Art

Hanging your drapes higher than your windows is one of the best hacks for elevating a room. The closer they are to the ceiling, the bigger the space (and windows) will feel. To frame the windows well, measure the length and width of your windows before purchasing new drapes. Make sure you buy panels long enough to reach the floor and extended the curtain rod wider than the window. Iron out any wrinkles or kinks in the fabric and pleat the panels the way you like them before hanging. Tie a string around the pleated curtains and leave for 2 or 3 days so that they keep the fold.

3. Custom Paint Jobs

“Floating” is the fancy name for pulling your furniture out a couple inches from your walls. It can make the room flow better by increasing the amount of visible wall space. This is one of the simplest things you can do to give your home a new feel.

4. Design Custom Wall Art

Custom Wall Art

It can be frustrating to find wall art that reflects your specific style and decor dreams. Finding something you like at a decent price that is made with quality, lasting material is even harder. This is why Decor By Me offers customizable decor that puts the control of your design entirely in your hands. Our platform is designed to make personalizing your decor as simple as possible.

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5. Float Your Furniture

Rooms with Custom Wall Art

Repainting always creates a whole new look for a room, and if you’re willing to put in the effort, it’s well worth the work. Light colors and neutrals open up a space and allow for playful color choices in art and furniture. If that sounds like too big of a project– try painting an accent wall! Great accent colors for this summer include earthy greens, grey-toned blacks, and pale, ashy blues.

Photo Source: The Zoe Report

6. Repaint Your Furniture

We’ve all got those pieces that we’ve had for a while– desks and other items that have traveled with us no matter where we’ve lived or what our decor was. Maybe you had them in college, maybe its left over from a family member or a thrifting adventure, but they don’t really fit with anything and can start to get on your decorating nerves. Giving your furniture a fresh coat of paint is not only easy, but can completely change the look of a room. Using dark wax on light paint colors can create an old, vintage finish and replacing drawer knobs is a simple way to add touches of detail to your home design. Check out this video below on how to tackle painting projects!

Whether you’re looking to redo an entire space or just make a few adjustments, these tricks can help you achieve your new look for your home. Shop for all your custom home decorating needs! Purchase custom wall art and other pieces that are uniquely yours to truly personalize your space.

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